⛵ How to accept a bid offer on

⛵ How to accept a bid offer on

Hey what’s going on internet!? CRISPR here today we’re going to do a tutorial on How to accept a bid offer on So if you mint your NFTs on & don’t list them for sale or don’t put them in auction, they just sit on your profile and people can make offers and bids on them.

Step 1

Someone has made an offered of .01 ETH for my Elon Musk Celebrity CryptoPunks.  I have seven days until the offer expires. Let’s go ahead and accept this offer and go through the process of How to accept a bid on

Step 2 takes a 2.5% fee on the sale & as the creator I’m going to charge 10% Royalty on this piece. I’m going to walk away with $224.84 of that $256 so I’m going to go ahead and click accept. 

Step 3 will populate to confirm the transfer and my gas is $31.87 to make that go through. Let’s go ahead and pull the trigger on that.

Step 4

It’s going to process and confirm the Blockchain. wants you to allow to spend your WETH & the fee is $3.68. Let’s go ahead and confirm that.

Step 5

Let’s check that out on That was an Smart-Contract and if we look at the individual’s wallet on we confirm that Elon Musk is now is their wallet and it is gone from my account.

Step 6

This How you accept a bid offer on and transfer the NFT. You now know it cost me about $50 & out of that total I got $222 subtract that $50 so I profited around $170. Not that great of a profit margin but nonetheless a sale which is good.

I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial, that it was informational, & you guys learned something. Again very simple in regards to how you accept a bid offer on Start putting your NFTs on for free, market yourself, and if somebody stumbles across your profile & makes a bid then you can go through the same process that i just showed you. You’ll have to pay the transaction fee to sign it, the transaction fee to accept it, and the transaction fee to send it & that cost me about $50. So make sure that the NFTs you’re selling are worth more than the transaction gas fee is going to be. I hope you guys enjoyed.
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